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SDCC2015: Nickelodeons Voice Over Experience and Nito Get Animated App

Nickelodeon created a couple of interactive booth experiences for the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (SDCC2015). The Voice Over Experience allows fans to enter a small recording studio and voice dialogue to clips from some of their favorite animated Nickelodeon shows. Nickelodeon previously included this interactive experience at last years San Diego Comic-Con and last years New York Comic Con, and brought it back to San Diego for 2015. (Original Article: AnimeSuperhero.com)

The Future of Graphic Novels and Motion Comics: A look at the not-so-distant-future of interactive graphic storytelling - C2E2 (Saturday, April 27, 2013)

Panel Description: Storytelling is a human activity that dates back to our earliest ancestors. It is in our nature to tell stories, share experiences and express what goes on in our imaginations to others. Over time, imaginative storytelling has evolved on a massive scale. What was once spread through word-of-mouth stories, paperback novels and black and white comic books can now be found in breathtaking graphic novels and motion comics that come to life on your screen. Comics and graphic novels have their own unique form of story telling. From X-Men and Spiderman to The Walking Dead and Sin City, there has been a clear evolution in the comic industry from simple narratives to complex sagas. From paper comics to a touchscreen interactive experience, the next step in the comic industry is on the horizon. Comic creation tools are improving, providing an increasing quality of paper comics and the ability to directly interact with the product of your imagination is spreading among popular devices. Join comic industry experts from a variety of backgrounds and industry levels as they discuss what's next in the evolution of comics, the technology behind it and what it means for the future of the industry.

Participants: Joe Eisma, Fahim Niaz, Reilly Brown, Brian Haberlin, Doug Hill, Byron Wilkins, and Mike Norton

Moderator: Eileen Cruz

Mighty Grams - Eileen Cruz About the Artist

Artist Eileen Cruz discusses her background in animation and illustration and her involvement with the quirky custom printed invitation and thank you cards website Mighty Grams. Check out her cards at mightygrams.com

Eileen Cruz's Audio Podcast Appearances

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