Eileen Cruz


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Eileen Cruz

Mount Vernon, NY 10552

Business Manager / Digital Content Strategist

Digital Content Management | Storytelling | Audience Engagement | Strategic Partnerships | Client Loyalty

Self-directed website designer with more than fifteen years of experience leading website portfolio management, communications, and branding and marketing initiatives. Collaborative and energetic leader who infuses modern tools and emerging technologies to drive brand awareness, growth, revenue, and new opportunities. Talented communicator focused on building sustainable relationships with clients, partner networks, and industry influencers. Positioned to lead a team in the crafting and execution of strategies that drive compelling content and audience engagement. Areas of Expertise include...
Content Management | Account & Portfolio Management | Campaign Development | Social Media Marketing | Media Relations Outreach Message & Brand Development | Team Leadership & Development | Trend Analysis | Stakeholder Management | Problem Resolution Technical: Windows | Mac OS | Linux, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) | Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition, Indesign, XD) | Quark | HTML | CSS | PHP | Wordpress | Shopify | Xenforo | vBulletin | Invision Community | Quickbooks


Business Manager | OddFish Games: 05/2020 - Present

Combine leadership/creative sensibilities, technical expertise, and marketing strategy to oversee business management, and social media strategy for a tabletop gaming company. Selected Contributions:

  • Planned, designed, marketed, and executed Kickstarter for the How to RPG with Your Cat tabletop RPG game book, which was successfully funded at 422% over initial funding goals. Campaign saw growth in total pledged, number of pledges, campaign followers, and total converted followers over previous campaigns. Oversaw fulfillment of Kickstarter and sought out creative methods for fulfillment to minimize reliance on costly outside services.
  • Managed marketing initiatives aimed at expanding customer base, increasing awareness of brand and products, fostering good will, and promotion of crowdfunding campaigns, including creating and managing Facebook and Reddit advertising campaigns, and initiating and maintaining relationships within the tabletop and gaming social communities with influencers, content creators, and authorities through cross-promotion and signal boosting.
  • Performed Human Resource tasks including ensuring the company submitted the appropriate filings with the appropriate state and federal agencies, led team meetings to keep team organized and on track, sourced and managed freelance creatives as needed for marketing efforts both inside and outside of crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Performed bookkeeping task including filing wage reports, entry of sales receipts, categorizing, digitizing email receipts, and accounting for all receipts in preparation for tax filings.
  • Provided customer service through website and social media channels to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Graphic Design for various print formats and web, including creation of accessibility compliant PDFs and streamlining website design and creation of custom landing pages.

Content Director/Ad Operations Manager | Release Week Media, Inc.: 01/2012 - Present

Combine leadership/creative sensibilities, technical expertise, and marketing strategy to oversee website portfolio management, podcast production, and social media strategy for a digital media company and influential publisher of leading websites for video gamers. Selected Contributions:

  • Project managed portfolio of websites from conception to launch and beyond; sourced, acquired, and developed talent, publishers and influencers to meet demand; led Facebook campaigns for optimal growth at lowest possible cost per page like.
  • Oversaw multiple site re-brandings, including visual identity, user experience, software installation, configuration, scripting, debug-ging and ad implementation; modified scripts to showcase site features and drive user interaction.
  • Drove ad campaigns and monitored progress via reporting; addressed and resolved potential issues; leveraged Moat analytics to ensure optimal viewability and campaign success; brought in new ad partners to maximize revenue return, while maintaining user loyalty.
  • Led podcast development and production; coordinated participants, co-hosted, edited, sourced video, audio, acquired music permissions, submitted for listing on iTunes, Tunein and Stitcher and promoted podcasts on-site and social media.
  • Created copy, designed creative, and crafted messaging for social media components; upskilled staff in Google Ad Manager func-tions, data entry, maintenance and reporting to ensure successful campaigns.
  • Led new wireframe development initiative; mapped out functionality for trademark submission for a new app proposal.

Owner/General Manager | ToonZone LLC.: 08/1998 - 12/2011

Envisioned, planned, and launched a news and community site providing media coverage for animation and pop culture topics. Successfully grew, registered, and sold the business. Re-branded as AnimeSuperhero.com. Selected Contributions:

  • Managed site design, including operation, script coding, and maintenance; developed ease of use templates and organized teams to facilitate events and manage large content additions.
  • Forged strategic partnerships with the Public Relation departments of Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DC Comics and FUNimation, to provide site with original content; maintained relationships with leading artists and creators in the animation/comics industry to keep apprised of trends and consumer demand; maintained productive working relationships through conflict mediation.

Additional Experience: Design Department Manager/Designer | Modern Publishing: 10/2007 - 02/2011

  • Cultivated strategic partnerships, sourced talent, and served as a bridge between illustrators/designers and the editorial team to ensure cohesive vision. Monitored progress and adapted workflow to meet demand. Developed engaging marketing materials, redesigned website, and made enhancements to the print catalog to increase viewership and sales. Orchestrated the procurement, organization, and dissemination of licensors style guide materials; spearheaded creation and rollout of documentation detailing standard procedures for the Design Department; incorporated licensor artwork while adhering to style guide regulations.


Film & Video Program & Animation Program | School of Visual Arts, New York, NY